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IQOS ILUMA line is the so-called Iqos 4.0 - the fourth generation of the most popular heat-not-burn devices in the world, that entered the market in 2021-2022.

The latest 2021 model, IQOS Iluma Prime, takes the appeal of heat-not-burn tobacco to a new level with the new technology Smart Core Induction System™, maintaining the original IQOS technology that heats tobacco leaves directly from the inside.

With a new structure without blades, there is no need to worry about blade damage, and there is no need for troublesome cleaning after use.

Device can be used two times continuously. It also has an auto start function that automatically starts heating.

IQOS Iluma Prime is designed for use with Smart Core Stick™ only. Do not use IQOS Iluma and Smart Core Stick™ with traditional IQOS devices (IQOS 3 Duo and earlier models) and their dedicated tobacco sticks. This can damage the device.


  • IQOS PRIME ILUMA™ is specially designed to be used only with TEREA™ sticks.
  • Do not use IQOS PRIME ILUMA™ and TEREA™ sticks with previous IQOS™ generations, as this may cause damage to your device.
  • Do not ingest or disassemble TEREA™ sticks. It contains a sharp metal part that can cause serious injury if swallowed.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


IQOS Iluma Prime is a new innovation that was created to offer smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco. This new heating tobacco with induction technology promises to provide smokers with a more effective and cleaner substitute. The idea is that induction heating will provide a cleaner and safer experience. Induction heating is different from the conventional heating methods that are used to smoke tobacco because it doesn’t use fire. IQOS Iluma Prime is a safer and more effective way to smoke tobacco.

The IQOS ILUMA PRIME Comes In A Variety Of Colors

IQOS Iluma Prime Colors are a series of four colors that can be selected when purchasing IQOS Iluma. They are designed for various moods, such as for a night on the town or a day at the beach. The company has added new colors to its product line, including Obsidian Black, Jade Green, Gold Khaki, and Bronzed Taupe.

IQOS Iluma Prime WE Limited Edition

IQOS Iluma Prime WE Lim...

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IQOS Iluma Prime Neon Limited Edition

IQOS Iluma Prime Neon L...

Dhs. 1,199.00

IQOS Iluma Prime Oasis Limited Edition

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Dhs. 899.00 Dhs. 1,400.00
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