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Taste : This is a refreshing peach citrus taste, belonging to the menthol category.

Compatible Note : This is only made for IQOS ILUMA & IQOS ILUMA PRIME DEVICE.

1 Carton (10 packs) = 200 Pieces

Refreshing menthol with peach scent

A light purple flavor, but an ambitious work that leaves a complex finish. First, the refreshing sensation of menthol reaches the back of the throat and spreads quickly. Standard as strength. You can feel the cigarette feeling firmly. And when you exhale, you will feel the refreshing citrus flavor, which is accompanied by a faint lavender-like floral scent and a high-class perfume-like elegant aroma, which makes them spicy like a hidden taste. A feeling of spice to put together. The taste is not as strong as I expected, and it is a multi-layered yet simple taste that has been calculated.

IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol

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