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IQOS LIL Solid White Color Kit in Dubai UAE

The new model of IQOS LIL is here. The stunning IQOS LIL by Phillip Morris.

lil SOLID is a line of gadgets for warming tobacco presented by IQOS (PMI) in Ukraine. When lil SOLID warms sticks, it produces airborne, not smoke. There is no fire, tobacco smoke or debris simultaneously. Order lil.

What is lil SOLID?

What is so surprising, you inquire? This gadget is Ukrainian, delivered by KT&G, however is sold under an IQOS brand.
By design, the lil is more similar to a glo nano, just marginally expanded in tallness. In any case, as far as innovation, it is a greater amount of an IQOS clone. Presently, in glo, tobacco is warmed along the border through a layer of paper, while IQOS utilizes a warming sharp edge. Lil additionally has a warmer that infiltrates the tobacco stick and warms it from within. Just the sharp edge is round, rather like a sewing needle.


Gadget lil SOLID

The force supply for charging the gadget from the organization

USB link type B. Appropriate for charging the gadget from the mains, PC or outside battery.

Lil SOLID cleaning Device that will help keep your lil SOLID clean to keep a reliable taste and feel.

5. cleaning Sticks (10 sticks)

IQOS LIL Solid White Color Kit

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