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Overview of the IQOS 3 Duo, its features, and other related information

by Farooq Ahmed
Overview of the IQOS 3 Duo, its features, and other related information
IQOS 3 DUO is the latest IQOS model from Philips Morris.
A complete redesign of the device was done recently, but only barely a change was made in terms of its functionality.

Overview of the IQOS 3 DUO's features and usage


There hasn't been much change in appearance or design. Like previously, the holder is charged and stored in the main unit case. Style and functionality are combined in this stylish design.The LED indicator light is the only new feature working on the body and the holder.There are no permanent fingerprints on the glossy cover either, since the coating is not easily soiled.

IQOS 3 DUO looks exceptionally stylish on the outside, with details that are well designed. Even with a glossy cover, fingerprints do not tend to remain on the coating. Even with a glossy cover, fingerprints do not tend to remain on the coating.

It has a rounded body and thus is ergonomically designed with the Top right corner consisting of the power button. The indicator light next to it is a three-piece unit. The holder's total charge is shown above the long bar, and the number of sessions that he has been charged for is indicated by two dots above the bar.

A simple press of the magnetized side panel on the holder allows it to be removed easily from the charger.Moreover, you can easily remove and replace the side panel cover with one of different colors.

Stick holders are no different.Only a certain position makes its upper part snap into place.Therefore, you cannot damage the structure if you close it incorrectly.The case can be used in any position and it will remain in place even if the charger is turned over completely with the lid still open, because the magnets keep it in place.

This device continues to heat up and does not burn tobacco, thus bringing the heating temperature to 348 degrees Fahrenheit (tobacco and paper in a cigarette burns at about 800 degrees Fahrenheit). Heets sticks are still compatible with the new IQOS 3 DUO.

Furthermore, the removable charger cover and the interchangeable holder caps remain backward compatible with the previous generation. Since IQOS 3 accessories are compatible with the new DUO, they could be combined freely.

Color-wise, the IQOS 3 DUO case features the same four colors from the previous generation - white, black, gold, and blue. However, the palette is now bolstered with a copper tone.

2) IQOS 3 DUO charging
In addition to the previously mentioned possibility to use the IQOS 3 DUO twice in a row, there is no need to charge the charger between using it the first time and twice after that. With 2 consecutive sessions the DUO holder can be charged in just over a minute and a half (almost twice as fast as IQOS 3). Two consecutive sessions will require about 3 more minutes of recharge.

In the new Duo, the charging time is also reduced to 10-20 seconds through the smart charging mode, which reduces the charging time by using 2 sticks quickly, for example, making 14 puffs in less than 6 minutes, so that it will last for the third time. Warming up the stick between puffs is necessary.

3) Supplements and care for IQOS 3 DUO.
The IQOS 3 DUO includes NFC chip-based connectivity that enables it to be connected quickly to a smartphone. The IQOS UAE can be electronically registered to receive an electronic guarantee with this feature. There's a possibility the connection won't work with iPhones because Apple's technology is suspicious of NFC unless it's their own. It is equally fast to register the device using the QR code on the Duo box.

New models have an extended cleaning kit: in addition to the usual cleaning tool for cleaning the holder, there are also special sticks that can be used to clean the blade.

4) IQOS 3 DUO price
IQOS Multi replaced the need to purchase an additional IQOS if two sticks needed to be used in a row.In order to make the Multi-Model approach a little more budget friendly, the format of virtually continuous use was established.

There is a curious contrast between IQOS 3 and 3 DUO. Despite being technologically advanced, the device's price remained the same.

5) Summary and technical specifications
IQOS 3 DUO has remained true to the old principles of devices in its new generation. After you get to know the device, the first things you notice are its ergonomic design and its quality materials. As a bonus, the new DUO has a more advanced NFC chip (along with the upgraded functionality, more powerful battery, accelerated charging system, and dual-use functionality).
by Farooq Ahmed