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IQOS in UAE: Interesting facts about laws, restrictions, and usage!

by Farooq Ahmed
IQOS in UAE: Interesting facts about laws, restrictions, and usage!

1) It is permissible to smoke in public in the United Arab Emirates.

Therefore, smoking areas in Dubai are widespread. Although smoking isn't completely banned, there are a few restrictions. Like there are certain places that forbid smoking and vaping. Smokers who enjoy smoking an IQOS stick or a cigar while admiring the spectacular Persian Gulf view or the architecture of a modern metropolis should be aware of the many restrictions for smoking in the UAE.


2) Popularity of IQOS in UAE

Several states restrict the import and sale of electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating systems. The question, therefore, is always relevant for travelers: Can I smoke IQOS in Dubai?The answer is "YES!” Historically, this was not always the case though, and like other countries, the UAE has introduced regulations and restrictions on the sale, as well as the importation of electronic cigarettes, heaters, and accessories (additives, box mods, consumables, etc.)

PMI announced in 2019 that it now sells tobacco heaters in UAE supermarketsAdditionally, IQOS implementation started earlier in Dubai Duty Free. TConsequently, the Emirates' laws were softer.Now, let's see where tourists can smoke, and what they can smoke in Dubai and other cities of the UAE.

3) Public smoking policy in Dubai - features and nuances

For smoking electric cigarettes in public places (shopping centers) there used to be a law (2017) that imposed a $545 fine. The punishment at the same time, until 2017, was softer and amounted to $130 to 140. In the UAE, heating systems have been allowed since 2019. Sticks are also subject to 100% duty (consumables). Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes and heating systems are completely different devices, they are both governed by the same set of regulations.

Tourists who are interested in smoking in Dubai (UAE) should know that:

  • Smoking is prohibited even for tourists during the holy Ramadan celebration.Public smoking is punishable by a fine or a month in prison.While Ramadan is on, smoking cigarettes and IQOS on the hotel's premises is not prohibited;
  • if there is a child under the age of 12 in the vehicle, smoking is prohibited;
  • People over the age of 18 can purchase electronic cigarettes, tobacco products, and IQOS Dubai;
  • Smoking is not allowed at beaches and parks in Dubai. Additionally, hookahs are prohibited.

4) IQOS in Dubai - where to buy?

There are many heet stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, and even PMI brands that offer heet products, so tourists can easily find them.
You can also buy your favorite IQOS HEET product from our official website Heets IQOS UAE for the most affordable prices, in addition to the cash on delivery option.

Several restrictions apply to the sale:

  • For example, chocolate in the form of cigarettes cannot be sold;
  • In residential areas, the sale of IQOS and other products is prohibited within 150 meters of the building;
  • A license is necessary from the seller in order to sell such products.
  • Now that you know that you can find IQOS in the UAE without any problems, you no longer need to doubt that.

5) Fascinating fact

Smoking hookah, electronic cigarettes, tobacco, and IQOS is not permitted during pregnancy in the UAE. The current legislation specifies this norm.Furthermore, pregnant women are forbidden from visiting hookah lounges in any case, regardless of whether they intend to smoke.

6) Can IQOS be imported into the UAE?

While passing through Dubai Airport and other cities in the Emirates, it is highly likely that your vape and e-cigarettes will be confiscated. There are no problems carrying Iqos in hand luggage in the UAE.

To be clear, the customs legislation of the Emirates is one of the most loyal to the import of tobacco products Up to 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars or half a kilogram of pipe tobacco may be imported duty-free into the territory of the state.Paying a small duty will also allow you to import more tobacco products.

by Farooq Ahmed