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A revolutionary change in the smoking industry brought about by IQOS

by Farooq Ahmed
A revolutionary change in the smoking industry brought about by IQOS
It is necessary to know how the new trend of IQOS HEETS has changed the era of smoking traditional cigarettes which proved to be harmful to the health as well as the environment.

It is interesting that the technology of heating tobacco has been developed around the world, which is fundamentally different from the smoking industry, specifically the vaping industry.

In comparison to traditional cigarettes, the IQOS produces less blood nicotine overall. Researchers have found that smokers are less satisfied and their cravings are reduced less using an IQOS than using traditional cigarettes.

There are more than 11 million adult users in the world who have changed their lives with IQOS. Scientists are also studying tobacco's genome and cultivating organotypic cell cultures simultaneously to develop and improve technology.

IQOS electric tobacco heating system was confirmed to be compatible with public health goals and may be sold in the U.S. by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the spring of 2019.Detailed reviews of the pre-sale application received by the manufacturer from the FDA in 2017 informed the FDA's decision.In Atlanta, Georgia, the first IQOS store in the United States opened on October 4, 2019.

Tobacco heating system

Scientists have developed no-smoke and no-ash alternatives to tobacco products in recent years.This significantly changes the way people consume tobacco and is perhaps the best innovation in the industry in thousands of years.

Despite the lower temperature, harmful chemicals are released into the vapour when the tobacco is heated to 350C (662F). This is far lower than traditional cigarettes, which burn at temperatures up to 900C (1,652F).

The desire to offer smokers a safer alternative prompted IQOS HEETS to transform the business and invest billions of dollars in research, which led to IQOS HEETS' debut in the market.

It has been suggested that heat not burn products may be less harmful than smoking. Most of the evidence comes from tobacco industry-funded research.Compared to cigarette smoke, the vapour from the devices contains fewer harmful chemicals.

The long-term effects of utilizing heat not burn products are still unknown.

The popularity of heated tobacco products has been witnessed in Great Britain in 2017, where it was estimated that 1.7% of adults had tried heated tobacco products, compared to 19% who had tried electronic cigarettes.

The non-burning nature of the tobacco found in the IQOS device allows it to emit 95% less harmful substances than SMOKING TRADITIONAL cigarettes due to the fact that it heats up, rather than burning the tobacco.
by Farooq Ahmed